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Opinion: Counseling services can alleviate spring semester blues

(04/20/18 3:21am)

With the academic year coming to an end, many students are left feeling incredibly overwhelmed by finals, mental health issues, relationship problems and life in general. Spring semester is a time where many students may feel that their mental health is suffering because of other responsibilities and obligations. 

Opinion: Volunteering now is vital for students in the long-run

(04/06/18 2:31am)

Volunteering and maintaining an active role in the community is an important way for students to form relationships with local organizations, build their resumes and gain valuable leadership experience. However, many students do not take advantage of long-term or innovative volunteer opportunities outside of group organizations, such as clubs or Greek life. 

Opinion: ASU students must help spread awareness of forced female genital cutting

(04/15/18 8:32pm)

Female genital cutting, also known as FGC, is a worldwide practice that transcends different cultures and religions and must be approached with cultural and ethical sensitivity. Non-consensual FGC is a human rights violation. In the U.S. specifically, an estimated 500,000 girls are either at risk for or have had some form of genital cutting. 

Opinion: ASU's partnership with children's book series shows commitment to sustainability efforts

(03/23/18 3:37am)

Jeremy Jackrabbit is the name of a locally created children’s book series, written by Phoenix attorneys Rodney and Sasha Glassman. The series emphasizes sustainability efforts and environmental education and works to teach children about rainwater harvesting, recycling, harnessing sun rays and more. 

Mainstream feminism has turned into more of a brand than a movement

(02/02/18 3:07am)

Strong women have been advocating for women’s rights under the title of “feminism” for centuries. The modern feminist movement is credited with meaningful accomplishments, such as giving women the right to vote, working toward equal pay between men and women and making birth control more accessible and affordable.