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The Stale Mess: ASU students wonder how many must be ritually guillotined before Tuition Octopus finally satisfied

(07/18/18 4:04am)

Students were a bit confused Friday after Greg, whose head was snatched into the Great Loathsome Pit at the west end of Tempe Town Lake after he was ritually guillotined in an effort to appease the Tuition Octopus, was apparently not tribute enough to stop this year’s coming tuition hike.

The Stale Mess: Hundreds more stop lights coming to Tempe in city effort to just set everyone on fire

(07/14/18 6:00am)

The city announced Tuesday it will be installing seven additional stop lights on Apache Boulevard between Mill Avenue and Rural Road and hundreds more throughout the city in a project touted by planners as “the key to simply driving these idiots insane.”

The attorney general against Tempe over property taxes: What happened?

(07/08/18 2:10am)

The City of Tempe and Attorney General Mark Brnovich settled out of court on June 26 over what may have been an illegal property tax scheme. The settlement brings to an end a saga that started in 2017 and involved the state legislature, the city, the attorney general and, recently, the Arizona Supreme Court. 

Autonomous weapons and racist computers

(05/22/18 12:43am)

The Sixth Annual Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies & Science, held at the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law from Wednesday to Friday last week, sounds to the layman less interesting than it was. Beyond some shaky public speaking and awkward Q&A sessions, the ideas dealt with at the conference were as varied and futuristic as any episode of "Black Mirror."