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Satire: How to talk to a Hawaiian

Learn how to properly speak to a Hawaiian by following these tips: don't freak out, take a hint, don't assume, don't ask stupid questions, avoid oversharing, do some research and watch your language.


How to: Be a D-bag in the Walk-Only Zones

It started with a few yellow-shirted ASU employees telling you to walk those wheels. Now the pseudo-fascist walk-only zones tell students how they should move from point A to point B. They are spreading even more around campus like fascism in the ‘30s.


10 ways to do finals week the wrong way

Prepping for finals can be a difficult task for most students. With stress levels completely maxed-out, it is easy for one to forget what they can do to help them get the very best grades and end the semester on a good note. Here are a list of a few options to really prepare you for finals week.


The State Press

When fake news goes viral

Are fake news sites doing their job, or are they nurturing a generation of lazy consumers?




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