Devil Dish: Feb. 25

There are many amazing things in this world, but baseball has to be right up at the top.

The perfection of the sport allows for its beauty to shine. The small area designated as the sweet spot on the bat allowing for a hit. The art of a ball trickling down the third base line combined with the hustle of the player racing up the first base line.

It’s coming back and I can’t wait. I have been a baseball fan all my life. Going to games at the age of four, understanding the run at five and recognizing when David Wells was going to throw over to first at three — it’s all part of being a fan.

There will never be a sport that will captivate America like baseball does, and it’s not surprising because baseball is the ultimate sport.

Everyone can play, and most already have. It seems almost every kid has walked onto that beloved little league diamond at least once. And every dad has screamed at another dad that his kid was better. It seems appropriate that this nation gets behind baseball because it combines players from all backgrounds.

It is America’s pastime, and it will never be brought down.

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