Letter from the Editor: A true adventure

Graduating from college is a strange conclusion. It’s like finishing a 10-page chapter and suddenly realizing the next one has 50.

It is by no means an end, but it signifies that at least one adventure is over.

My adventure at The State Press began three years ago, and the connections I’ve made within the paper and the ASU community have been the best perk of my job. Watching friends, colleagues and other students work hard to achieve their goals has always proved to be my own motivation. It’s an awakening, a “Wow, look at what they’ve done so far” type moment that gives me pride in the type of generation we’ve become.

The election of Barack Obama, Senate Bill 1070 and the death of Osama bin Laden have all taken place during my four years at ASU. Each event sparked a strong reaction out of the student body, but it’s the passion during the small events that taught me how great our generation is and will become.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been approached with a story idea about a new organization or group focused on helping others. This student body is giving, and one of my goals as editor in chief was to show that side of the University.

The State Press is a great medium to show ASU as more than a block of 70,000 students. This semester started with a story about a student who survived 10 days on a snowy road outside of Winslow with little food. It continued with stories about a student beating cancer and graduating in May, a group of students building bikes and hand-cycles for physically disabled individuals in Africa and a Marine returning from two tours in Iraq and joining the ASU football team. Our best stories highlight the individuals at ASU. Our best stories are about great students.

Of course, The State Press has gone through some dramatic physical changes since I took over this position. The paper’s redesign was completed with one focus: reaching ASU students. And it’s not done yet. Next year’s student leaders plan to redesign The State Press website and their focus is the same: reaching students.

Yes, there is a theme with these ideas. This paper is run by students, about students and for students. It covers a giant community, but the flow of ideas and stories from great young minds is what makes The State Press so dynamic.

It’s what brought me to work here in the first place. It’s what motivated me to improve, leave my mark and teach others in the process. It’s why I love my job and everyone that I’ve been able to work and grow with. This has been the best experience of my life.

Joining this organization gave me a sense of purpose at ASU, and I hope that every student gets that opportunity. I’ve learned so much from four years of classes, but being a part of something bigger than a grade has given me a clear view of what I want in the future and a clear idea of how to make my next chapter just as amazing.

Never shy away from a great opportunity and never be afraid of a new adventure. These four years were my own adventure, and I thank you for that.



Nathan Meacham

Editor in Chief 2011-2012


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