Off-road racing meant for any adrenaline junky

There is a sport outside of the mainstream lineup of sports that can get your adrenaline pumping unlike no other.

Off-road racing has swept across the Southwest — and even into foreign countries — in a dramatic fashion.

Rocks, silt and dirt, washes and other vehicles provide for a dangerous, painful test of your mind and willpower.

With over 15 different classes, the ability to choose any vehicle allows people from any financial background to race.

Races span across southwest Arizona, California and mainly Nevada, but races south of the border are known to be the biggest.

The most popular off-road race in the world takes place in Ensenada, Mexico, known as the Baja 1000.

The race is a 1,000-mile loop down and across the Baja Peninsula.

While the festivities give the Baja 1000 its reputation, it’s the things that occur during the race that bring out the stories.

Racers have been known to get rocks thrown at their vehicles while racing.

Local spectators change the directions of signs leading racers astray in the middle of the desert.

Cliffs line the coast, making a racers’ worst fear while racing in the dark.

You want to hear your heartbeat for 8-12 hours straight?

Race off-road.


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