Sun Devil Streetwear: New York Fashion Week Recap

The 2013 New York Fashion Week, which designers presented their Fall 2013 ready-to-wear lines, was maybe one of the best New York Fashion Weeks I have seen in the many years of following fashion. The presumed black and white trend did indeed rule the runway but cut-outs and unique patterns were also presented in Fall 2013 designs.

The show that wowed many fashion followers the most was one of the final shows of the week. The Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 fashion show was more of an art production than your basic runway show. Marc Jacobs definitely takes the crown of "Best Show" for this years fashion week.

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Other fabulous shows I was privileged to see online without getting in trouble during class were:

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2013

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Honor Fall 2013

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DVF Fall 2013

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Alice + Olivia Fall 2013

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Now that NYFW is sadly over, here are the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between that made this year's New York Spring Fashion Week.

Good- Realway shines over Runway

1059eb34b2f2baf74a2a4bb6f4381c3c.jpg Blogger Rachel Marie Jones at NYFW. Photo Courtesy of












Though the designs on the runways were, in my opinion, more fabulous than in previous fall ready to wear shows, the true fashion creativity was on the streets. The "realway" or street fashion is and will always remain the best part of New York Fashion Week.

Bad- Blizzard in New York

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This years' spring fashion week in New York was somewhat interrupted by a snowstorm (though the worst of the storm hit Long Island). But the designers and the people at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week pulled through and continued to put on a great week of fashion.

The bad however was that show-goers were risking their lives, still wearing six inch heals on the icy streets. Dedication or Absurdity?

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Ugly- John Galliano

Oh the fall of John Galliano continues. After being fired from Christian Dior for drunken, anti-Semitic remarks at a Paris Cafe in 2011, Galliano went a step further by wearing an outfit resembling traditional Hasidic Jewish Clothing while in route to the Oscar de la Renta show. The New York Jewish community was irate about his choice of clothing and long sidelocks hair style. Galliano responded that his choice in clothing was just "high fashion." Galliano stop. Just stop.

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Future of Fashion?- Vine

IMG_1625.PNG Photo Courtesy of Haleigh DiIullo's iPhone













Instagram and Twitter have revolutionized how people follow fashion week. Yet throughout the week, I found myself using the new Instagram-like app called Vine (short video clips as opposed to photos). Many of the designers and bloggers I follow were posting instant video clips from runway shows and behind the scenes footage. For a broke college fashionista, this app was a life saver when I couldn't livestream the shows because I was in class. Will Vine revolutionize how the world sees fashion?

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