New York-based Outasight talks music, tour

Few musicians starting off in the music industry can claim spots on mainstream radio stations and commercial endeavors. Richard Andrew, also known as Outasight, is one of the lucky few.

The State Press spoke with Outasight, who is on tour with the Ready Set. They will be at Martini Ranch on March 10.

The State Press: How is your tour going?

Outasight: Tour’s going great. The crowds have been awesome, and their energy really has made the whole thing go. It’s surpassing expectations.

SP: How did you come up with the band name Outasight?

O: My name originates from my original rap name, Outsight, which was my silly first name. It became Outasight through years of doodling in notebooks, instead of paying attention in class.

SP: How has your upbringing affected your music?

O: My upbringing made me the person I am today, so off the bat, it affected everything. Really, I was just surrounded by so much music and pop culture that I fell in love with it at a very early age. As I continued to get older, making music was the only thing I wanted to do.

SP: Which song is personally your favorite and why?

O: Well, performance-wise, the favorite song of mine to do currently is “Shine.” It has a lot of bounce to it and I get to rap and sing on it, plus the crowd gets involved with the “yeah” part.

SP: When you are composing your songs, what messages do you try to convey?

O: Positive ones. Most of my songs come from a place of being down and out and fighting to stay strong, which is something I’ve had to do my whole career and life, so I just want to help inspire people who have been in the same spot I’ve been in.

SP: When can fans expect to hear new songs?

O: Once I get off this tour in the end of March, I’m going back to the studio. I have so many ideas running through my mind right now, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. From there, we’ll see.

Outasight will be at Martini Ranch on March 10 with 2 AM Club, Goldhouse, Master Shortie and The Ready Set. Purchase tickets here.

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