Why it's OK my team didn't make it to the NFL Championship weekend

Born and raised in San Diego, I’m a diehard Chargers fan. Instead of pajamas, I had a Dan Fouts jersey, and I actually do bleed powder blue.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the Chargers first trip to the playoffs since 2009, including a victory in Cincinnati, which I spent with my dad yelling and cheering. After a loss to Denver last week that I’m still trying to get over, I felt let down.

But on Sunday, when I watched the AFC and NFC Championships that didn’t include my Bolts, I noticed something. I was enjoying the games. A lot.

Whenever I watch the Chargers, I get anxious, I do pushups in big moments, and I yell a lot. Even during wins I’m nervous the whole time.

On Sunday, I was able to just sit back and enjoy football. That’s the peril of being a diehard fan of a team. You don’t have any fun watching the game until the clock shows zeros, and that’s only if you won.

Being an unbiased fan means you can enjoy the game regardless of which direction it goes. So while I wish the Chargers were playing in New Jersey, I’ll probably have more fun with them not participating.

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