Libertarians push Republicans out of the race

mccleve_libertarianThe Republican Party's platform dictates continuity with little room for reform. It just doesn’t seem promising among our generation. It’s difficult to picture voters our age succumbing to an ideological system in opposition of change.

The Republican Party will need to make modifications to their platform if they hope to win future elections. Young people whose parents and grandparents have voted primarily republican because of similar economic, financial, international affairs and moral beliefs are now seeing that their children associate themselves more closely with the Democratic Party.

We, as a country, advocate for equal rights, fair potential for all and citizenship maybe more than ever before in American history. Our morals no longer dictate our fellow neighbor's morals, and neither should our government.  

  Rand Paul’s YouTube rebuke of President Barack Obama’s State of The Union Address on Jan. 28 put the idea of libertarian expansion in boldface.

As Rand Paul stated in his own private address on Jan. 28, Americans are overwhelmingly unhappy with the government’s handling of economic issues. Republicans view the government as “too hands-on” in boosting the economy, while the democrats argue not enough bailouts have been put into play.

Many view Paul’s independently funded YouTube broadcast as another step to his potential presidential campaign in 2016. As the primaries are just around the corner, political craze seems to be in the air everywhere. Reporters and strong-willed party affiliates will be speculating until November 2016 when all votes have been revealed.

As the idea of Rand Paul actually running for office in the 2016 election, it seems to be a definite possibility. His idea of a strong republican candidate, who leans heavily into libertarianism, may be spot-on in many ways.

What keeps young voters swaying Democratic is the conceptualization of the word “liberal.” Promoting a candidate, running as a republican, who identifies himself with the Libertarian Party may close the moral door and open one that focuses on the economy and bills regarding affairs other than equality.

Voters our age care about the protection of every minority that exists. They want an environmentally safe and vegan world, with prideful gay and interracial couples wedded

These movements are what matters to the next generation of voters. Young people will not pick their candidate based on his or her stance in Syria’s civil war, government bailouts and ideas on the size of the government. They want to see happy people in a happy country. U.S. voters want to play Swiss: less military, fewer marriage restrictions and the legalization of weed.

A libertarian candidate may be the best option, in addition to a traditional Democrat for this next election. This may give the GOP a fighting chance in 2016, instead of what is already a pre-supposed Democrat commander in chief.

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