State Press alumni remember print: Ashlea Miller

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I was the opinion editor on Sept. 11, 2001. (I was also later the magazine editor.) It was an overwhelming day, and I had the unfortunate honor of writing the editorial that came out the day after the terrorist attacks (with the staff's input of course). I was in shock, and the gravity of what I would have to write was almost too much to process.

What I took away from that day, however, was how comforted I felt by spending the entire day and evening in the dungeon. We watched the events unfold as a State Press family. We were shocked together and saddened together and worked hard together to put out a new edition from scratch. Especially with so many of us who didn't have family near us, we were each other's family that day and we were the ultimate comfort for each other.

I don't even remember what I wrote for that editorial, and I'm sure it was not very well thought out, but it was raw and it was honest, and it reflected how our entire staff felt that day. I will forever remember that day because of my State Press family.

Thank you, and good luck with the final edition!

Ashlea (Deahl) Miller

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