State Press alumni remember print: Cameron Eickmeyer

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Election night 2004. We were putting the cap on months of work that included in-depths and special editions on all election topics with angles to how each affected ASU students or Arizonans. Photo essays, columns, collaboration with digital student media, just to name a few other projects.

We had covered the presidential debate on campus from every angle our staff could handle. I was glad to have served as editor-in-chief that semester and that night, putting the final touches on our front page coverage of a too-close-to-call presidential race, I was so proud to work at The State Press.

We were faced with a lot of external and internal pressure that semester and we came through shining. The staff of editors, reporters, columnists, photographers and web editors were incredible. We all gave so much that year and I think our work spoke for itself. I remember riding my bike home that night trying to solidify the emotions, smells and sounds of the day because I knew I would remember that night for the rest of my life.

Cameron Eickmeyer

Editor-in-Chief, 2004-05

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