State Press alumni remember print: Tom Blodgett

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It was like the second or third day of production, and Amy had been hired as a brand new production worker. I was the managing editor and was in charge of the front page, and Amy on her first night was doing production for the front page.

I went to the backshop and found the front page had a thumbnail-sized hole of white space in the middle of it. I pointed it out, and Amy said something like “I don't know, that’s what your dummy says.”

I pointed out to her that the dummy did not have any such a hole in it. We got into it a little bit, and eventually we figured out the source of the problem. She fixed it, but by then we were a little ticked off with each other.

So I stormed back to the newsroom, walked in and announced, "Who is that new girl in the back shop? She is such a –" and here I used an unkind word that I would no longer use about her. A year and a half later, we were dating. Almost four years later, we were married.


Tom Blodgett


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