Cycling through

“The first thing I did, as soon as I came to ASU, was look for the cycling club out here. And these guys were really helpful, Nike even offered to let me stay in their house,” electrical engineering graduate Aditya Yadav says of when she first came to ASU from India. ASU takes cycling just as seriously as any other sport. The club holds intense practices to prepare for their big days and create bonds while participating in something they love. As some say, “It’s a lifestyle.” Arizona State University’s Cycling Club started in the 1990s and is open to students, faculty and staff. “If they want to compete they can compete but they don’t have to,” ASU Cycling Club President Constatin Schreiber says. “It’s great we can develop people but everyone can choose their level of participation.” The Cycling Club holds meetings where the team discusses past races, hosts guest speakers and prepares for upcoming races. During one of their meetings, the team discusses a recent guest speaker, a doctor who spoke about healthy cycling training. “[A very important aspect of the club is] education. How to be a bike rider at first and than how to be a safe bike rider but it’s really all about having fun and being safe on the bike," Schreiber says. The Cycling Club participates in various races around Arizona. They also race using different bikes like cruisers and cycling bikes. From Arizona to San Diego, to North Carolina, the cycling team will be participating in various races around the country. The team’s recent race, the 2015 Criterium Race, took place around the Tempe campus’s Gammage Auditorium. Cyclists gathered around to participate. The Criterium had 15 races including collegiate, co-ed and Junior Men (ages 15-16). Not only were cyclists from the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University involved, but members of the community also participated. New Cycling Club member and sustainability junior Zoe Stein says,“I've been biking for fun for a while and last semester I studied abroad in Copenhagen and after that I really wanted to keep biking and do it at a more serious level.” ASU’s Cycling Club gives members the ability to improve their cycling while learning and meeting new people. Providing new racing opportunities or even lifestyles. Reach the writer at and via Twitter @iamgisellevr.

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