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Phoenix celebrates, honors the dead

Community members gathered at Steele Indian School Park on Sunday to celebrate the 4th annual Dia de los Muertos Phoenix festival. The festival blends traditional Mexican culture with Southwestern flavor, celebrating and honoring dead loved ones through vibrant music, dancing, food and a candlelight procession.

Downtown Phoenix celebrates 30 years of arts and culture

The Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission celebrated its 30th anniversary this weekend by closing off Monroe Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets for numerous music, dance, art and theater performances. Around 100 Phoenix-based organizations participated in the event, including Cyphers: The Center for Urban Arts, Phoenix Conservatory of Music and Rosie's House, as well as numerous individual performers.

7th Street Bridge Turns into Giant Slip and Slide

This weekend thousands of people walked by the 7th Street bridge with colorful floaties. The Urban Slide made a quick stop in Downtown Phoenix. The 1000 foot slip and slide was held on South 7th Street and East Jefferson. The Urban Slide is as big as four football fields put together.