Cartoon: "DIY Debbie"

Debbie is a DIY enthusiast whose hobbies include cutting things, gluing things to other things and getting her hands dirty. Join us every week for a fun and wholesome craft or DIY project that's so easy they'll never suspect it was you.


"How to: End a Cartoon Series, goodbye and good luck with finals!"


"How to: ace your finals. With the semester winding down, Debbie is offering her tips on how to get that A, no matter what it takes."


"How to: make an Easter basket. Give back to those in need this season with a beautiful basket of goodies that anyone would love."


"How to: Tie-Dye a shirt! Perfect for that upcoming music festival or any other waste of money! Make it your own by creating unique dyes from common objects around the house for a look that's to 'dye' for."


"How to: make a cute paper chain for your home. Use that spare paper that you have carefully hidden as a beautiful decoration! For a special twist, hang some beads, charms and other memorabilia for all the world to see!"


"How to: make beautiful spring-time pots. Perfect for holding fresh flowers or dangerous secrets. Make several of them for loads of spring time fun!"


"How to: recover from Spring Break. Relax, refresh, and recover with Debbie's best kept secrets for getting back on track after a wild spring break!"


"How to: VIRGIN ;) girls night cocktails. Add a twist to the ordinary ladies night drink menu with some fun, easy, everyday ingredients."


"How to: fierce car lashes. Amazing, CoverGirl lashes to bring that must have flair to any car. Great for newer or older vehicles that have a few dents, scrapes, or D.N.A that needs covering up."


"How to: Valentine's Day cards. Perfect for that special someone in your life, whether they want to be or not. " Illustration published Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017.


Francisco Diaz | The State Press

"How to: sexy handcuffs. Perfect for that special someone you just can't let leave... no matter what the cost. " Illustration published on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017.

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