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Opinions: Got a problem? Barack can solve it

Yesterday, a stranger told me that a taillight was out on my glorious PT Cruiser. He said his name was Barack Obama, and he stopped in the middle of his day to fix it for me. I still don't know how he had that extra bulb handy.

Either way, I hear he's a pretty good guy.

A Web site called highlights all of the super cute things he has done for me lately — he even built me a robot and folded me an origami crane. He's adorable. He'd do the same for you too if you just asked. He can solve all problems.

I'm not the first to think that either. I Googled him and as it turns out, the media is in love with this guy.

The debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was recently spoofed on "Saturday Night Live." Moderators asked Clinton hard-hitting questions, while Obama's questions were dwindled down to "Are you comfortable? Can I get you anything?"

Of course, being the nice guy he is, he was fine. Even the fake Obama wouldn't ask for much.

In the last issue of Rolling Stone, the magazine officially endorsed Obama for president. The cover featured the young, charismatic candidate in the sky looking focused, diplomatic and if I can say so, quite handsome.

But I think the cheese factor of this cover is coming on way too strong. In the clouds? Really? Although, by the media's standards of Obama's capabilities, I'm surprised he isn't pictured feeding baby orphans. Or, you know, wearing a cape.

With the headline "A New Hope," a phrase Obama has used throughout his campaign, it seems like the Illinois senator has a lot to live up to if elected. This country is betting on the next president to save us from war, defend us and make the best possible life for citizens.

With our current lame-duck president, I suppose the candidate who is least like Bush could be the best prospect.

While Hillary Clinton has given Obama a hard time on the campaign trail, the press can't seem to dig up much dirt on him. The best they could do is to find an "anti-American" rant his former reverend, Jeremiah Wright, gave before his congregation as the crowd cheered him on. Barack Obama was not there.

If he were, he would have come storming out of the crowd with an American flag draped around his loin and nothing else. He would have grabbed the microphone and talked about how this country gave him and his family tremendous opportunities, but how it does need change.

Obama has received plenty of flack from the extreme right, which could be why the media gives him a break. To some ignorant people who make little effort to educate themselves on the election, the idea that Obama wants to be sworn in on the Quran and that he wants to enslave white people aren't silly prejudice comments — they're fact.

A side note to the people who believe those claims: educate yourself or stop talking politics. If you continue, I'll enslave you myself. I have a serious bug problem here at the Quadrangles, and I need someone to take care of it. So keep it up!

But the fact is that Barack Obama is human. He's a cool human, but still a human. He'd be the first to admit that. Now I just wish everyone else would.

Barack Obama respects my opinion. Do you? Let me know at:

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