Your Labor Day Weekend to-do List

Sun Devils are officially two weeks into the grueling semester, and thankfully that means the three-day Labor Day weekend has approached. With temperatures slightly peaking over 110 billion degrees, students already want an escape from the heat-radiating concrete of campus. The only things that should be cooking on Labor Day are the hot dogs on your grill - not us students. Where can students go for an escape? For many, the weekend is too short to fly home, or their wallets are, well, too empty for that drive to the Golden Coast or Mexico. Here are three local, affordable ways to celebrate:

Salt River

The desert doesn’t have the benefit of the beach but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a beach party. Having been branded as “Arizona’s Beach Party” and “Arizona’s Floating Picnic,” the Salt River has been a go-to spot for ASU students for years.  Be sure to bring money for a tube, beverages of choice, SPF 50, friends and the latest Skrillex track and you’re set for several hours of pure zen. Located in Mesa, the central location makes it an easy, short road trip from all campuses. To celebrate Labor Day, Salt River Tubing is opening its “doors” at 8:30 a.m. and hosting live entertainment all weekend. At only $15 per tube/person makes it about equivalent to parking on the Tempe campus for a few hours. Check it out.

Throw a Poolside Barbeque

A lot of college students have the uncanny ability to convert beer into energy. Mix that ability with one of the many pools around campus with some food and any student would be satisfied. It’s cheap, practical, and chances are there are already 50 event invitations for the same waiting on Facebook. RSVP now or gather a few friends and create one yourself  - it’s your last chance to publicly display your white wardrobe.

Catch a Show

If mid-semester laziness has already set in and the idea of organizing an outing or accepting an invitation goes over your head, there are simpler options. The Marquee alone has great shows lined up this weekend including the arguably “it” alternative-rock band Neon Trees on Saturday. Not your thing? Pepper is one of those few bands that should make anyone’s must-see list, and luckily they are rocking Tempe on Monday night. When it’s over take a nice walk across the bridge to Mill and relax with friends before the daily grind resumes.


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