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Literally Speaking: Marking Your Spot

Literally Speaking: Marking Your Spot

I'll be the first to admit that as much as I hate creasing the pages of a book, I sometimes fold over corners to mark my page. I cringe as I do it, but sometimes you just don't have a bookmark lying around.

If it's not creating a corner crease, I grab whatever is closest and stuff it between the pages: the picture of great-grandpa with his fedora, a leftover fast food napkin, a dollar bill ("It's just for two minutes while I put my laundry away," I reason with myself).

But it's time to depart from those ways. How much longer are we going to continue to allow ourselves the heartache of folding over a perfectly crisp page, or scaring ourselves half to death when you forgot you made your great-grandpa's picture your bookmark?

Here are three bookmark "designs" that I've used over the years, ranging from the most simple to the most complex. I'm not much of a crafter... but I do sometimes jump out of character and get creative with bookmarks.WP_20130930_012

Collage Bookmark

You'll need: Scissors, tape, old magazines or newspapers, and a tissue

1. Go crazy in the pages of your magazines and newspapers. Cut out things you enjoy. I cut out pictures of dim sum and noodles from this old foodie magazine, because after food and books what else is there that you could ever need?

2. Fold your tissue into the shape of a small rectangle, about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long. Tape all along the outside borders to keep the tissue in place.

3. Take the pictures you chose and wrap them around the tissue, taping them down in whatever fashion you desire.

4. Finish up by taping the borders of your finished collage so that everything feels solid and intact. Voila! Simple collage bookmark! WP_20130930_009

Umbrella-Flower Bookmark

You'll need: A paperclip, tape, dollar-sized piece of paper

1. Take your dollar-sized slip of paper and start to fold it accordion style. This means to fold it in very small strips all the way down the paper, back and forth.

2. Slide the resulting accordion piece through the paper clip.

3. Pull the sides if the paper out and around to create a round, flower shape. Tape it together in this form.


Ribbon bookmarkWP_20131001_003

You'll need: two different colors of satin ribbon, bead (optional)

1. Take about 24 inches of each ribbon and place one in each hand

2. Create a small loop on the end of each piece of ribbon, with the short end of the loop facing away from you.

3. Take the loop in the left hand and push it through the right-hand loop. Tighten the right hand loop, create a new one on that end, and repeat the process.

4. Create knots on both ends!


Have your own homemade bookmark ideas? Share them with me on Twitter @marie_eo or through email at!

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