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Letter: 'War' on religion doesn't exist

As a Catholic, I find myself skeptical when I hear that there is a "war" on my faith. I've never been precluded from voting, getting a driver's license or been told I must work on Easter or Christmas. I do not make less than my co-workers because of my beliefs. I was able to buy my house without facing persecution, and I've never been pulled over for driving Christian.

So the question comes to my mind, where is the war? Where are my liberties, my freedoms at risk or in jeopardy?

Why does our faith give us the authority to dictate on the lives of others? Are we becoming the nanny state we so ardently fear by removing the ability of adults to make choices?



Then there's the argument, "I don't want to serve people who live or act against my religion." You have the right to refuse service to customers. If you don't want to serve them then at least don't be outwardly bigoted and say why.

The argument is that I shouldn't "lose" my right to religious freedom just because I walk outside my door and go to work. I don't lose any of my rights by doing those things. But my rights extend so far as they do not inhibit, diminish or suppress the rights of others. But my main issue with this argument is that people have the gall to stand behind the teachings of Jesus Christ and use them as a sword to discriminate and justify their intolerance and prejudice, none of which are the least bit Christian.

I find the sensationalism of this argument to be in terribly poor taste. Christians are killed in Syria and other tumultuous places across the globe. To suggest that we are experiencing even remotely similar circumstances in America is a horrible injustice. There is no "war" on my faith, just a shift to actually adhere to religious freedom and equality. John S Baumer ASU Alumnus

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