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State Press Weekly: Smoke-free ASU

On August 1st Arizona State University announced a new tobacco-free policy. The initiative does not just ban tobacco products on campus, it is also applies to all university property, facilities, grounds, parking structures, university-owned vehicles and structures owned or leased by the university.

   By implementing this new policy ASU is joining over 800 other universities and colleges who have chosen to protect the health of its students and staff by making their campuses smoke-free.

   If an individual does not follow the regulations no punishment is given, this is partially why some consider this to be a weak initiative. One of the proposed improvements is a new paid student position. These students would stand in smoke-free zones and remind students of the policy and its benefits.



   In addition to the student enforcement those involved also plan to continue to publicize the resources that are available for individuals who want to quit smoking.



Credits: Produced by Courtland Jeffrey Edited by Courtland Jeffrey Reported by Meg Krivanec Videography by Meg Krivanec, Courtland Jeffrey,

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