Letter: Lauren Kuby best pick for Tempe City Council

Of all the current Tempe City Council candidates, none is more qualified than council candidate Lauren Kuby.

For decades prior to seeking public office, both as a Tempe mother and activist citizen, Lauren has worked tirelessly to ensure that the voices of the Tempe voters were heard, and that the quality of our life has improved. The countless community support efforts undertaken by Lauren have benefited children, homeowners, the homeless, public workers, public parks and our community as whole.

As the manager of community engagement at the prestigious ASU Global Institute of Sustainability, Lauren not only understands effective administrative management, but she also understands how to better engage the strategic value of ASU in our community.

Because of her unique qualifications and her deep commitment to our community, Lauren would do an outstanding job as a Tempe City Council member. This is why I will be voting for Lauren Kuby and urging others to do the same.

Mario Martinez

2004 alumnus

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