Music to help stay sharp for midterms

Ah, midterms. The halfway marker, allowing us to set our sights on the end of yet another semester. If this were a marathon, this would be the point where we hit "the wall" and push through, numb legs and all. Spring break is that much needed water stand at mile 22 of the course.

Not necessarily every class we take has a straight up and down midterm exam; some are projects, some require a group effort. If you're lucky, the class bypasses a midterm altogether.

However, if you're in the unfortunate position and need to *gasp* study for an upcoming exam, I'm going to help you through it with some of the best Spotify playlists to do just that: get your study on.

Focus Playlist - This is my ultimate go-to if I need background music while I'm reading, writing, or basically doing anything that requires me to focus and think. So, it really isn't just a clever name for a playlist.


ESM - Is electronic more your speed? Then look no further than the electronic study music playlist. "Pretty Lights", RJD2, J-Walk and XX will softly rock you through your book session.

White Noise - This is exactly what it sounds like (no pun intended) and comes at you with hours upon hours of straight up calming white noise. If one-note, calming sound effects are your thing, well you will just love this monotone set of tracks.

Epic Classical - There's a little theory called The Mozart Effect, in which studies have shown improved cognitive abilities after listening to classical Mozart pieces. This means two things: you have a chance of making the most of your studies and you appear to have a sophisticated, mature musical palate. Go, you!

You are now better prepared to own your midterms. Best of luck!

Reach the columnist at or on Twitter @rallykate. You can also find her on Spotify at Katie Self.

Katie Self is a fan of all things music-related. Having spent many years traveling to see bands all over the country, she has been fortunate enough to visit venues such as Madison Square Garden, Alpine Valley, Red Rocks and The Gorge. Katie has essentially put Dave Matthew’s children through college with the amount of money spent on DMB shows (78 and counting), and has recently gone on a country kick. She also enjoys carbs and her munchkin kitty, Buster.

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