ASU students stand up for discourse through comedy

Comedians at the event did a great job in their diverse portrayal of social discourses that are faced everyday.

Eight ASU students and their professor hosted a live comedy performance Tuesday filled with everything from jokes about white male privilege to stories about weird dating app encounters.  

Film and media studies professor Bambi Haggins was an essential part in making the event happen. 

"We spend the whole semester talking about the significance of comedy as a social discourse, an art form where people are able to engage aspects of everyday life and also larger political and social issues," Haggins said. "I think this gives them the opportunity to put their money where their mouth it. So many of these students are already interested in comedy, so it's the perfect marriage of studies and performance."

Junior Trejon Dunkley was the only woman and African-American seated at the panel.  She said it was important to find the comedic moments of her own personal life.  

"I wanted to have bits of my identity in there," Dunkley said. "I just kind of thought of funny things that I've encountered as a funny gay woman."

Other comedians at the event did a great job in their diverse portrayal of social discourses that are faced everyday. 

Senior Taylor Delcolle started by presenting his stance on public urination.  He said with finals week approaching and pots of coffee being mass brewed and consumed, it should be socially acceptable to pee while in a hurry to class or a study session.

Dan Miller, another panel member, used his love for hip-hop in his comedy and focused on white male privilege. 

"I am a college-educated guy from New York," he said. "My privilege means I don't connect with a thing Lorde says in 'Teams.' I come from cities you always see on the screen. I am not over being told to put my arms in the air." 

Big-name comedians don't need to visit ASU when raw talent is already present on campus. Each of these students shared a piece of their life by making the audience laugh. 

The other students that participated were Andrew Ward, Luke Stanton, Chris Calamusa, Thomas Bross and Chris Gillespie. Keep an eye out on all eight students as they continue to pursue their dreams and show off their talent in other local events. 

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