Top 10 things to do now that bees have taken over ASU

All four campuses have welcomed their new bee-sties

After yesterday's bee infestation on the Downtown campus, no one is safe. Bees have been swarming around the last few weeks and inconveniencing students on the Polytechnic, Tempe and West campuses. Instead of being afraid of ASU's new students, we've compiled 10 things to do to welcome your new beesties.

1. Hang out in your hive and watch "The Bee Movie" with your honey. 

2. Show them who the real queen bee is. Bee your own Bee-yoncé.

3. Try not to go over the top with your bee puns. Some jokes just won't fly with your friends.

4. Compliment that special someone, especially if they are just the bee's knees. If it works out, you might be buzzing with love.

5. Check out the buzz going on around campus at

6. Watch the spelling bee episode of "Psych." You might just learn some new buzz words. 

7. Since the heat is picking up, go out and enjoy a Bar-bee-que. Whether you're throwing some ribs on a grill or walking over to Dickey's, make sure you keep your drinks covered to prevent bees from flying over.

8. Check out Pinterest how you can incorporate honey into your beauty routine. Not only is the natural sweetener perfect for your tea, it will work wonders for your hair, skin and nails.

9. Stop procrastinating and hit the books, worker bee. Don't settle for a Bee when you can earn that A.

10. Test out some new lines on that bee-utiful girl. Work up the courage to ask your crush to bee yours because you've pollen for them and just hope you don't get stung.

The bees just want a Sun Devil education. Try not to get too scared when they swarm into your lecture hall. 

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