Love, Flings and Other Things: Are you in love?

I'm in love. Are you?

Love. It’s a beautiful thing to be in love. It’s even more beautiful when you’re in love with the right person. Everyone is going to tell you the same thing: When you’re in it, you’ll just know. Love is a powerful drug, and when you feel it, you’ll really feel it.

So, here are the telltale signs that you’re in love and in a happy and healthy relationship:

  • You can honestly say your significant other is your best friend and they can read you like a book.
  • You’re willing to put their past behind you because you are so happy and in love in the present.
  • You talk about your significant other like a grandparent would brag about their grandchild.
  • No matter how long you’ve been together, you still get butterflies over the simplest things like when he kisses your forehead or when she puts her hand on your chest.
  • Even when you’re sitting in silence, it’s a comfortable silence. You don’t feel the need to constantly be in conversation. It’s just nice to be in each other’s presence.
  • You are obsessed with their quirks. When they say that they absolutely hate cheese but continue to eat pizza, lasagna and macaroni and cheese, you think it’s adorably funny.
  • When you fight, it ends with both of you apologizing just because you can’t stand to see the other upset.
  • You never get bored of their company. It could be a two weeklong road trip or a live-tweet of your boring economics lecture, there’s never enough time or texts to satisfy you.
  • When you see something, you don’t think about how much you would enjoy it, you think about how much your significant other would enjoy it.
  • You never desire to be with someone else. They are the apples of your eye and even if you tried to think of someone else, your mind always reverts back to your special someone.
  • Nothing is as bad as it seems because you have your person. Whether you just bombed a job interview or are fighting with your friend, just cuddling on the couch makes you realize you’ve got more than enough to be completely content.
  • Your significant other relieves your stress, not adds to it. And you do your best to not add any weight on their shoulders.

If a handful of these things apply to your relationship, you’re one of the lucky ones. If you haven’t felt like your chest was going to explode because you couldn’t find the words to express the intensity of love you feel towards your partner, then I don’t think you feel it. At least not yet, anyways, but I hope someday soon you do.

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