Zedd's 'True Colors' tour brings massive visuals and stunning bass drops to Comerica Theatre

Thousands of Zedd fans were in for a treat Saturday as the European DJ blessed Comerica Theatre with an energetic and rebellious presence that was capped off by a captivating light show that rivaled some of the biggest productions in music today. 

The crowd waited anxiously in 100-plus degree heat from the early hours of the morning for doors to open. Most of them were dressed in elaborate electronic dance music gear, such as fluffy leg-warmers and sparkly bustiers. 

These outfits didn’t appear to be the most comfortable, but the eager atmosphere helped everyone feel better about the temperature.

The excitement shot through the roof as soon as doors opened, when fans rushed inside to find the best spot to view the stage. When folks were settled and the lights dimmed, everyone knew it was going to be the one of the best nights of their lives.


After a short lull, anticipation began stirring over the supposedly well-known “surprise guest” who would be performing that evening. Most of the audience immediately went insane when the name 3LAU (pronounced “blau”) flashed on the screen, because they knew his reputation of making the crowd go wild. 3LAU made sure not to disappoint. He infused his well-known hits “How You Love Me” and “The Night” into a set of bass-exploding tracks.

The second and final opener was 21-year-old French producer Madeon. He truly brought the room to life with his spirited and cheery style. He performed a number of his hit remixes and original songs all while live sampling, a feat that is rarely seen in the electronic world.  

By the time Zedd was set to come onstage, the ongoing adrenaline rush had already taken over the crowd. He opened with the zestful chart-topping hit “Beautiful Now.” At the beginning of the song, people calmly sang along to the melody. By the end, members of the audience had clearly forgotten every inhibition that restrained them. The room was infested with jubilance, and fans’ faces were plagued with joy for the entire track.

The DJ performed his other hits including “Clarity,” “Find You,” “Spectrum” and “I Want You to Know” featuring none other than Selena Gomez.  Besides this, Zedd fans were lucky enough to see another side of him that’s not usually portrayed in the media. He shared a more profane and less innocent side with some of his hip-hop inspired dubstep mixes.

Other highlights of Zedd’s act were the grand background visuals. He incorporated smoke, lasers, kaleidoscope illusions, strobe lights and flames to make the experience all the more exciting.

However, what was most beautiful about the show was not the visuals or the pounding beats, but the diversity of the audience. As I stood alone raving in the crowd, I stopped and realized that the people surrounding me didn’t seem to have anything in common. 

Behind me, stood teenage boys and girls who were dressed in glitter, face paint and typical modern fashion. Adjacent to me sat an elderly man who’s face never switched from the expression of nonchalance (I hope he still enjoyed the show). In front of me were three middle-aged women with large purses who appeared to still be dressed in their work outfits.

Essentially, the audience consisted of people of all different colors, creeds, ages and attitudes, yet last night they all had the same opportunity to be themselves and just enjoy the beauty of the music. They got to show everything they’ve been, everything they are, and everything they hope to be. 

In true Zedd fashion, they had the uncommon opportunity to naturally exhibit their “true colors.”

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