From Uber to Quidditch, here are the week's top stories

Another week down and another week closer to winter break. Enjoy your weekend and catch up on the week's top stories.

Transgender student finds brotherhood and support at ASU fraternity

Photo by Jacob Stanek | The State Press

With the brotherhood of Sigma Phi Beta on campus, and support groups in the community, social work Charlie Hill said he has acclimated well and is enjoying his freshman year. Reporter Preston Scott-Hall tells the story of how Hill found belonging with a fraternity on campus.

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Beware your next Uber driver, a complete stranger

Photo by Kari Mondon | San Jose Mercury News/TNS

So you're stranded on Mill Avenue after a fun night. How do you plan on getting home? Columnist Kendra Penningroth explains why she isn't using Uber to get home.

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Crown Prince of Iran speaks to ASU students about democracy

Photo by Ellen O'Brein  | The State Press

When you first think of Iran, you may think of nuclear weapons. The Crown Prince of Iran Reza Pahlavi spoke with ASU students this week about the issues his country faces other than nuclear deals. Reporter Allie Bice was there to cover the speech that attracted more than 150 students.

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Bernie Sanders brings something special to the table, and it isn't his policies

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

When electing a President, one must evaluate the policies of candidates as well as their persona. Columnist Harrison Finzel says the latter is true with Bernie Sanders.

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The light rail experience

Photo by Daniel Santa Cruz | The State Press

There are two modes of transportation for ASU Downtown students who do not have a car: the campus shuttle or the light rail. Some students decide to take the light rail because it arrives every 12 minutes while the shuttle arrives every 30 minutes. State Press Magazine reporter Savanah Yaghsezian writes about the experience of public transportation and taking the light rail.

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We asked six international students where they liked to eat to remind them of home

Photo by Celina Jimenez | The State Press

Attending a college in another state can be stressful. Attending a college in another country is even more stressful. Reporter Celina Jimenez talked with six international students about which restaurants they frequent that remind them of home.

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Rethink fact and fiction: It's Quidditch season at ASU

Photo by Sydney Maki | The State Press

Yes, you read that right, you can play Quidditch at ASU. Reporter Sydney Maki caught up with a group of Muggles who say the sport isn't just for wizards and witches.

What to do about the racist in your classroom

Photo by Ashley Lowery | The State Press

College is a time to develop your opinions and learn more about others' opinions. Managing Editor Peter Northfelt writes about how racism sometimes surfaces in the classroom and how students should respond.

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