From satire to sharing bikes, here are the week's top stories

The first break of the school year is coming soon. Stay strong, study hard for midterms and take a few minutes to catch up on the week's top stories.

Why Breast Cancer Awareness is a marketing ploy

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October is here and with it comes Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign that increases awareness and knowledge of the disease. This time last year, columnist Megan Janetsky explained how the campaign may not be using fundraised money appropriately.

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Meet the first ASU women's hockey recruit: KC McGinley

Photo by J. Bauer-Leffler | The State Press

KC McGinley is a student athlete with a major in hockey and a minor in schooling. Reporter Evan Webeck profiles the first recruit of ASU women's hockey and her love-hate relationship with hockey.

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'The Onion' makes me want to cry

Photo by Abel Uribe | Chicago Tribune/TNS

Is there a place for satire in the media? Columnist Gabby Hirniese argues that satire accomplishes nothing and confuses ignorant people.

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Todd Graham: A coach in denial

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

ASU football is not having the season most fans had hoped for. After sitting through a blowout last week and watching the team underperform on offense, defense and special teams, fans are questioning the initial expectations coach Todd Graham had for the team. Reporter Evan Webeck argues that Graham set the bar too high.

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Articles we think you'll love:

Phoenix GR:D bikes to roll out in greater numbers

Photo by Reilly Kneedler | The State Press

The Phoenix City Council voted 5-4 in favor of expanding the city's bike-sharing program, GR:D. Reporter Arren Kimbel-Sannit takes readers on a ride, explaining how this program began, what these expansions mean for the city and how much it will cost.

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Drake, the king of 2015, shows no sign of slowing down

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

If you're reading this it's too late. After starting from the bottom, Drake is now here, in his prime. Columnist Adonis Dees argues that Drake is the hip-hop king of 2015 and that he will not be dethroned any time soon.

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10 pumpkin spice flavored items the world doesn't need

Photo by Ryan Santistevan | The State Press

It's fall and you know what that means: pumpkin spice coffee for everyone. The flavor has gained popularity and has spread to products like butter and yogurt. Reporter Ryan Santistevan lists some pumpkin spice products you can probably live without

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ShadeZ and DJ AmBeat work like student athletes, perform like it's a party

Photo by Exclusive Teen Nights

Two ASU students have made room for themselves in the Tempe entertainment scene through hours of music productions, years of practice and thousands of dollars of investments. Read about how these full-time DJs, part-time students have kept their passion of music alive since their childhood.

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