From pranking UA to "maleness," revisit some of the week's top stories

Territorial Cup Week never disappoints, and 2015 was no different. If you somehow missed it during the week, make sure to read up on how a few Sun Devils pranked UA students. And don't miss the rest of the week's top stories, along with a few stories we think you'll love.

The Process: How Ray Anderson has made nine home-run hires

Photo by Evan Webeck | The State Press

For those of you not familiar with Ray Anderson, he has been ASU's athletic director for nearly two years. Throughout Anderson's time on the job, he has been changing the department's status quo by hiring new coaches and senior staff members. Reporter Evan Webeck took a look into Anderson's accomplishments and his aspirations for the athletic department's future.

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A team of ASU pranksters convinced UA students to give their land "back to Mexico"

(Screenshot from YouTube)

A group of ASU students traveled to Tucson and posed as a group of UA student activists, promoting a fake proposition that would "give Tucson back to Mexico." Reporter Claire Cleveland explains the prank that led the UA student newspaper to report on this false movement.

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ASU football defensive back Jordan Simone is out for the season

Photo by Matthew Tonis | The State Press

It hasn't been an ideal season for ASU football. After being riddled with injuries throughout the season, the team recevied word Monday that defensive back Jordan Simone will miss the remainder of the season. Reporter Fabian Ardaya explains what this injury means for ASU football's defense and its overall performance.

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Even for Wildcats, hate is a strong word

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

The week some ASU sports fans have been waiting for has finally arrived — Hate Week. Hate Week is a way for ASU and UA to hype themselves up for one of the most historically intense football rivalries in the country. Columnist Austen Bundy argues against the use of the word "hate" during a time in which he calls "an age of sensitivity in the U.S."

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How well have you been keeping up with the news?

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Are you an informed citizen? Take our first ever news quiz to find out how much of this week's news you read about.

Maleness doesn't give you priority in the gym

Photo by State Press Staff | The State Press

Going to your campus' fitness complex is usually a good experience. People there often mind their own business. Columnist Kendra Penningroth says sometimes this is not the case when people ask her "are you done yet?"

Black and Blue Friday is ruining Thanksgiving, causing injuries

Photo by Zbigniew Bzdak | Chicago Tribune

Thanksgiving is coming up and with it: Black Friday. Arguably the best time of the year to find deals on products. But is Black Friday worth all of the hassle? Columnist Lindsay Roberts argues that this corporate holiday is ruining Thanksgiving.

Barely old enough to smoke, Captain Samurai is teenage punk music way ahead of its years

Photo by Captain Samurai | Promotional photo

What were you doing at 18-years-old? Chances are you were probably not producing and recording an album with your band. Reporter Nick Latona profiles a young, local punk band, Captain Samurai.

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