Best ASU classes taken by The State Press Editorial Board

The coolest classes the Editorial Board has taken at ASU.​

There's an  easy class guide for ASU students and Rate My Professors comes in clutch when you need to take a particular class, but it can be difficult to find cool classes to take when starting from scratch. Classes for fall 2016 are available and students have begun filling out their schedules for next year, so we at The State Press Editorial Board have detailed our personal favorite courses that we have taken at ASU (don't worry, there are no journalism classes). 

HON 394: Birth of Quantum

Professor: Joseph Foy

If quantum physics were the Voldemort of the academic world, then this class would be the elder wand and Dr. Foy would be Harry Potter. Birth of quantum was undoubtedly the most difficult class I have ever taken in terms of subject material, but taking it in this seminar-style class was the Killing Curse I needed to understand the “Subject Which Must Not Be Named.” As a non-physics or engineering student (I'm studying Economics for those of you wondering), I can say that this class, while intimidating, is accessible to students from any major. — Ben King, opinion editor


PSY 290: Research Methods in Psychology: The Basics

Professor: Scotty Craig

This has probably been one of the most stressful courses that I’ve taken, but also the most rewarding. Dr. Craig had us design our own small-scale research projects, something that not many undergraduate students can say that they’ve done. I spent a good portion of the semester feeling completely overwhelmed, but at the end up the semester, presenting my research paper was one of the most satisfying experiences that I’ve had in college. — Danica Barnett, social media editor

POS 310: American National Government

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

This course, offered both in-person and online, gives a detailed breakdown of the inner workings of the US federal government. The Supreme Court, bicameral legislature, lobbyists, executive power, foreign policy and more are all explained in this mostly quiz-based course. While not the typical idea of “fun,” I found it highly interesting and useful. I took the course as taught by Matt Gress, who is no longer at ASU. — Matt Layman, assistant sports editor

POS 110: Government and Politics

Professor: Dave Wells

Sacrificial lamb, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and politics. That’s all you need to know about this class. I went into it dreading the thought of learning everything I had already heard in high school, but Dave Wells changed that for me. Never have I attended a class where I laughed every period. Wells brings to life the content and engages his students in the conversation. — Ryan Santistevan, arts & entertainment editor


HST 328: Women in U.S. History, 1880-1980

Professor: Virginia Myhaver

I love to read, I love inclusive feminist literature and more than anything, I love to write. This class was a great way to combine those three interests in an engaging and educational way. Although it was only a Session A iCourse, Professor Myhaver gave valuable feedback and held us to a high standard that kept me on track. I have but one complaint: The class strictly adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style. As copy chief, I cringe just thinking about. — Sydney Maki, copy chief

REL 100: Religions of the World

Professor: Lynda Sweat

This iCourse is one of the most beneficial courses I have ever taken. Professor Sweat provides all of the reading material and provides an open-minded environment, making this class a mind expanding experience. Homework is light, but the material is interesting. I believe every person who takes this class can broaden their perspective on the world and the many beliefs of the people of the world. Believe it or not, we all share many common beliefs. — Andrew Nicla, online editor

ENG 394: Lord of the Rings: A Study in Fanfiction

Professor: Shillana Sanchez

Books are great. Books about hobbits, elves, wizards and missing rings are even better. This is hands down my favorite class I took at ASU. Each week we met and discussed (sometimes argued loudly) about "Lord of the Rings," and then we looked at an adaptation of it. This meant that we played video games and watched movies and read really awful fanfiction. It was actually a dream come true for a "LOTR" nerd like me. — Shelby Slade, editor in chief

HST 306: Sports in US History

Professors: Dustin Gann, Brianna Theobald

If you’re a sports geek, this class is a must-take. You learn about the rise of several sports in the U.S., and what the country was like before baseball, basketball and football took over (gasp). The lectures were interesting and the book was worth buying for the read, not just to help you get a better grade. It wasn’t necessarily an easy class, but the topic was interesting enough that it wasn’t too hard to remember and study for. It’s a class that if you go to the lectures and take notes, you’ll get a good grade, but if you skip often, you might struggle. — Logan Newman, sports editor

WST 390: Women and Religion

Professor: Amy Shevitz

Although ASU only serves this course online, it has certainly been my favorite of the semester. Every week, I sit down to read two chapters about a different world religion and how its traditions affect or have been influenced by women. Last week, I read about women in Judaism and wrote a one-page essay about feminism and Jewish Orthodoxy. As a gender studies buff, these topics naturally call to me, but I believe the course can offer interesting perspectives for every major. You can never be too well-versed in culture. — Aimee Plante, news editor

BIO181: General Biology

Professor: Cayle Lisenbee

It’s an introductory course, yes, but Cayle Lisenbee makes it such a blast. I was dreading the three lecture days a week and the lab, but his upbeat attitude and in-depth lectures were both entertaining and informative. Taking a my first major level biology course was daunting at first, but thanks to Lisenbee I enjoyed the course material and didn’t drop out of the biology program. — Claire Cleveland, managing editor

DCE 124: Latin/Swing/Ballroom I

Professor: Larry Caves

I took this class last fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 7:15 p.m., and it was by far my favorite class that I took that semester. I’m not sure what I was expecting going in — I guess stretching and having some class discussions about art types of thing. But in reality, we began dancing in the first few minutes of the first class. There is no dress code, no expectation of experience and you don’t really have time to feel awkward. You’ll end up dancing with just about everyone in the class — men and women alike — because Larry teaches both genders to be able to be able to be a lead and a follow. The time goes by quickly and its so much fun, you’ll hardly remember it’s a class! Plus, Larry is looking to add a minor in partner dance as a part of the dance program as well, so you could even pick up a minor. — Jojo Huckeba, photo editor

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