The results are in: A runoff for Tempe USG election and victories on other campuses

Following a close vote in the Tempe Undergraduate Student Government presidential elections, a runoff election was called Thursday between the Brandon Bishop ticket and the Aundrea DeGravina ticket.

Although Bishop had more votes than DeGravina, with only an 8.4 percent difference, the election was declared too close to call. 

A final voting day will be held April 6, and the results will be announced the following day. 

"The elections code clearly states that to win, there needs to be a majority vote," Anthony Zlaket, the Associated Students of ASU Tempe elections commissioner, said. 

Bishop accounted for 46.7 percent of that vote, not enough to give him a victory.

"(The runoff) is exciting," DeGravina said. "I think both tickets in the runoff did a lot of hard work. The students are truly going to be deciding what USG will look like in the future."

Bishop was similarly positive. 

"We're really excited to move forward," he said. "We're grateful that we're in the runoff. We're ready for the next five or six days, and we're ready to win," he said. 

USG presidential elections on the other campuses were more straightforward. 

On the West campus, the Wallace platform won over the Mizener ticket.

"We won 58 percent of the vote, and we're really excited to start working next year," Wallace said. "We want to learn from people currently in those positions in the meantime."

On the downtown Phoenix campus, the Dangremond ticket won uncontested. 

"Now that we've been officially elected, our real work can now start," he said. "We want to start implementing the changes we want to see."

On the Polytechnic campus, an uncontested victory went to the O'Hara platform. 

"It's good to finally be able to say it's all official now," he said. "Running unopposed gave me much easier of a time, and allowed us to make our plan for next year, and we'll continue to refine that plan."

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