4 ASU Art Museum exhibits to visit before building temporarily closes

Students may be eager to catch up on the sleep and Netflix they missed throughout the school year now that summer is in full bloom, but those spending time out of the house should pay a visit the ASU Art Museum before its exhibits close while the building is renovated during the month of June. 

And what's best? Visiting the Tempe campus to explore ASU's quality art exhibits is free. 

Here's are four exhibits to visit before they each close by the end of the month. Each can also be found on the ASU Art Museum's website

Between Earth and Sky: Southwest Art in China - Feb. 27 to May 28, 2016

ASU Art Museum exhibition "Between Earth and Sky: Southwest Art in China" presents the papers by artists from the American Southwest at universities in Sichuan, Nanjing, Shanghai and Xi’an. ASU’s Center for American Culture and the American Centers for Cultural Exchange (ACCEX) network in China, the project shared the richness and diversity of the American experience with Chinese students, faculty and general public.

Tony Labat: Love Me Two Times - April 30 to May 28, 2016

"Love Me Two Times" exhibit presents the two recent projects by Cuban-born artist Tony Labat. His projects look into issues surrounding labor, migration and displacement. The first is a participatory installation based around a hand-made billiards table in the shape of the island of Cuba. The second installation shows its visitors six months of video surveillance footage taken out of the window of the artists' studio of day laborers.

Participant: Photographs by Spencer Tunick from the Stéphane Janssen Collection - Jan. 14 to May 28

Since the early '90s, Spencer Tunick has traveled the globe and created staged images of multiple nude figures in both urban and rural public settings. Collector Stephane Janssen is a participant in the photographs, which range from a handful of figures in an art museum to several of volunteers in the Dead Sea.

Watertight: Sandra Ramos - January 23 to May 28

"Watertight: Sandra Ramos" uniquely follows Cuban artist Sandra Ramos' work with video animations spanning from 2008 to 2013. Not only are there a few book-like sculptures of mirrors and images from 2014, but the presentation revolves around eight short video animations that depict the complex historic and current relationship between the U.S. and Cuba.

Through Ramos' witty figures and settings draw from literature, popular media and the island of Cuba, visitors are able to explore issues of immigration, international borders, containment, power structures, illusions and lost utopias.

Breach: Log 16 - April 15 to Aug. 6, 2016. 

“Breach: Log 16” showcases Courtney Michele Leonard work, which explores the evolution of language, image and culture through mixed media pieces. The exhibit includes tangible objects as well as audio and video elements. Topics explored include the historical ties to water and the whale, imposed law and a current relationship of material sustainability. 

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