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Trump is no better than a whiny student if he doesn't accept election results

Trump and his supporters need to deal with the loss if it comes next week

Donald Trump rejects the outcome of his final exam. Illustration published on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016.

Donald Trump rejects the outcome of his final exam. Illustration published on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016.

Ok, before I get started, I want you to watch this clip and hold on to your immediate reaction.

I want to know who you think Trump resembles in this: 

If you said a whiny student who won't accept the grades a professor gives him, then you would be absolutely correct.

Get. The hell. Over. Yourself, Trump.

You will earn every vote you get just like we, as students, earn every point we get on an assignment or test.

If you lose the election, then you earned that as well, just like we, as students, earn the grades we receive.

"I think he should accept he's not president and do what he can to be influential in Washington," said Michael Smith, economics and business law junior and member of College Republicans.

Trump has also said that the election is rigged against him and cites that as a reason why he would contest the results. That's no excuse because voter fraud is nearly impossible to commit on such a large scale that it tosses a presidential election.

"Among the Trump supporters I think there is a bit of a bias toward believing that there's going to be some sort of rigging," said Cameron Poe, finance sophomore and member of College Republicans. "But, I'm not fully in that camp."

Trump's claims are just as ridiculous as a student claiming their professor has it out for them even before they take the class.

For the sake of democracy, Donald Trump and his supporters need to suck it up and deal with a loss if it comes.

And, so far, Trump's chances of winning are down to nine percent so they better start bracing themselves.

Every past election has ended gracefully and the peaceful transfer of power successful.

The last time anything remotely close to this happened was in 2000 when the Supreme Court had to decide who won the election. Even then, the eventual runner-up, Al Gore, didn't have nearly the amount of animosity Trump has and we're still nine days out.

I fear that this election won't be as peaceful, but only Trump can make that decision. I hope he makes the smart choice.

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