Video: Various ASU organizations came together to collect oranges for a good cause

The Orange Harvest event was a part of the annual ASU Cares service project

Every year the ASU community comes together to harvest oranges around campus to give to local farms and to the university to use in the dining halls. The event was a part of the annual volunteer service project organized by the ASU Alumni Association. 

Gabrielle Olivera — Reporter:

The ASU community gathered together on February 3rd to participate in the Orange Harvest, February's ASU Cares Event. 

Tonya Gray — ASU Alumni Association Assistant Director:

We have these wonderful orange trees here and we use those for our Sun Devil Dining as well as we compost and give this to local farms so this is our ASU Cares event.


The oranges are even used in Sun Devil Dining halls, so participants ensure that the oranges are at their best. 

ASU students who are part of the Medallion Scholarship program were just some of the students who got to bond with their community.

Brianna Rodriguez — Justice Studies Sophomore:

Not only do I get to bond with my scholarship program, but I also get to meet other people involved in the ASU community and connect in that way as well. 

Robin Martinez — Justice Studies and Philosophy Freshman

My favorite part about this event is definitely getting up here with my friends and all of us here having a good time, laughing with each other, harvesting these oranges. I think that's the best part, we come here as a group and we're just having a great time while we're doing it.


And although picking oranges isn't the easiest task.


Well with this thing, it's a little bit more difficult because it's not as sturdy as the long reaching ones.


Students like Brianna and Robin got to spend their day making a difference right here at ASU. 

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