Video: Life as a Devils' Advocate

An inside look at what it takes to be an ASU campus tour guide

Devils' Advocate is an organization where students can give tour guides to potential students visiting ASU. Kacey Cavanagh has found a passion in giving tours.  

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Kacey Cavanagh - Nursing Sophomore: 

Hi, my name is Kacey, and I'm a sophomore nursing student here at Arizona State University, and I'm the Vice President of Downtown Devils' Advocates

Kacey has found a passion for showing potential students around the downtown Phoenix campus. 

Kacey knew that she wanted to be a tour guide before she was even a student. 


When I moved in, I was able to contact my tour guide from that year and sign up then and there as well.

She tries to do as many tours as possible. 

Kacey gives special tours, like this one, where high schoolers get to visit ASU. 

Devils' Advocates allows current students to get to know their school better, along with making new friends. 


There's a lot of favorite things for me, but I would say I love when the parents laugh at my jokes because it's more parents laughing at my jokes than students. But, really more than anything, it's going to be when the students come back the next year and say that I was their tour guide or that I was the deciding factor for them to coming to Arizona State. 

She hopes to be involved for as long as she can.

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