Video: The flu hits the nation hard and ASU students prepare

Over 11,000 flu cases have occurred in Maricopa County this year

The flu season is well under way, and a Maricopa County report shows that flu cases have increased since last year. Over 11,000 flu cases have hit Maricopa County. ASU students share the potential ways to avoid the sickness and how it can impact their academics. 

This year's flu season is one of the worst in years.

According to the weekly influenza report, Maricopa county has seen over 11,000 cases and at least two pediatric deaths. 

Natalie Willins is a senior nursing student who has volunteered at HonorHealth Osborn. 

Natalie Willins - Nursing Senior:

So, what I know about it right now is that the flu vaccine didn't cover any of the strains of the flu. There's multiple different mutations of the flu virus, and when they're developing the flu vaccine, it's kind of like an educated guess, and I've been told they didn't cover any of the strains. So, it's basically useless.

And with flu season lasting until late spring, ASU health services offer several services for students experiencing flu-like symptoms. 

According to the New York Times, despite the ineffectiveness of the shot, getting the flu vaccine will lower your risk of catching the flu. Flu vaccines are offered on campus.  

Although the flu is more dangerous for elderly people and young children, young adults should still be aware. 

Experts suggest washing your hands as often as possible and getting the flu shot.

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