Getting to know ASU's student government presidents: the West campus

Tasha Snider has led the West campus student government for one year

The last few weeks, USG Downtown President Jackson Dangremond, then Polytechnic President Julia Anderson joined After Hour to talk life as the president of their campuses. 

This week, West campus President Tasha Snider joins the show for a chat. 

The biology and forensic science junior has been president of USG West for a year, and says she got into student government by accident during her freshman year. 

"I just found the application lying on the floor somewhere around campus and thought 'This is cool,' and I turned it in," she said.

Snider became a senator, then afterwards vice president of services. She said those jobs made her aware of issues she wanted to bring to the forefront as president.

"Being student body president, I'm able to look at the different campus environments and what issues are around there and help solve the problems for the student body to help make life as enjoyable as possible," she said.

Although a lot of her time is taken up by campus politics, Snider is a double major in forensic science and biology. 

"I really like solving things and solving puzzles, and so I actually want to be like a DNA expert or possibly testing drugs and chemical substances," she said.

Snider is now running for president of the West campus Senate.

To keep up with the Undergraduate Student Government West, visit their Facebook page.

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