Video: ASUPD detective explains emergency call boxes on campus

How to use emergency call boxes explained by the ASUPD

ASUPD Detective Lloyd Tuilefano describes how to use the on-campus emergency call boxes and the appropriate times to use them.

Detective Lloyd Tuilefano - ASU PD Detectives Unit:

It is called an emergency call box for a reason. It's for emergency purposes. Every time you're unable to reach for your phone or you do not have a cell phone, the most appropriate times if you feel like someone's in immediate danger or there is a crime that is currently occurring. You can definitely go ahead and push the call box with this button right here. It sends a 911 call to our police department. 

911 Operator: 

ASU Police. 


This is Detective Tuilefano, and this is just a test run. We are code four. 

911 Operator: 

Okay, thank you very much officer. I'm showing you are at **Indistinguishable**. 


Yes, ma'am. We are at structure one on the third level. 

911 Operator: 

All Right. Sounds good. 


That's just basically how it is. Like I said, she was able to pinpoint that we are on structure one and then which corner I was at because throughout the structure there's different call boxes. They're able to locate and pinpoint, so it's like a GPS. But not only that, every call box has a serial number. Every time you push that particular call box they go to our dispatch, and the call box number pulls up, and it shows a location where exactly its at. This happened like maybe more than five years ago. We had someone press the call boxes and then they was going through campus, like there was a pattern. Every time you push this call box, we're going to receive it as an 911 emergency call. And every time we do see that, it's also going to give the location of the call box. We'll be able to track where the person is going. Fortunately, in this situation this person did that exact same thing. They were pushing call boxes down through campus. 

We were able to follow a pattern, and we were able to save that individual because they were chased by someone that was out there to cause physical injury to them. That's one of our success stories that we have with the call boxes. But, we're able to track them — each call box you push. Not only are we going to see the 911 call, but we're also going to receive the location of that call box. 

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