Video: ASU football's hot streak led by heat

ASU Football's first two wins of the season comes with the Arizona weather

In the aftermath of two back-to-back away game losses, ASU football players seem to play better at their home stadium. Assistant coach John Simon said the heat doesn't play as big of as advantage as people think and it's more of a home field advantage. This weekend, Arizona State plays against Oregon State on their home turf. 


Peyton Watts: Arizona State ended their two week road trip with two back-to-back losses to Sand Diego State and Washington University. Having both of those games being played north of Arizona, the team was used to playing in hotter climates. Could Arizona State's initial hot streak be because of the heat?

N'Keal Harry: No I feel like that's a big factor when other teams come to play. And I noticed that when we went to San Diego State, I noticed how cool it was, how nice it felt. I felt that's a big disadvantage for teams you know when they come in here probably like the second quarter they're probably gassed already. You know we practice in it every day so we use it to our advantage. 

John Simon: I don't think that it is so much the heat. You know you do you do some research on football and you'll find out in the NFL and in college football, the home team which is probably 75  or a high percentage of the time. People are just more comfortable with a routine. You know when you fly it takes away from your legs. You don't realize  what it does to your body staying in a hotel, you know you're in in a different city, your mind is all over the place. You lack focus a bit I think so, we're comfortable with the heat and we are comfortable with the weather, we are comfortable with our fanbase, we're comfortable being here at home.

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