Video: International students acclimate to Arizona State student life

Students find ASU is a home away from home

International students are a critical component of Arizona State University's thriving and diverse student community. They lead clubs, studying their way to the Dean's list, and are growing to love with their home away from home.

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[00:00:01] Daniel Hoyle: I'm Daniel Hoyle, I'm an associate director here at the International Students and Scholars Center at Arizona State University. In the International Students Scholars Center, at the core of what we do is helping our international students who have come here on a student visa to understand what that means. We have students that are here for short term, exchange, they're here for a semester to get that cultural experience. We have international students that are here for full degree programs.  [00:00:27]

[00:00:29] Ratrri Gomes: Hi, my name is Ratrri Gomes and I'm a senior at ASU. I'm from Bangladesh. I'm majoring in finance and I'm also working at ASU in the OKED Finance Department. I'm the president of the International Students club. ASU offered me a scholarship. I'm actually enrolled in the New American Scholar scholarship program.  [00:00:50]

[00:00:52] Chen Huang: Hello, I'm Chen Huang from Shanghai, China. I'm a senior at the W.P. Carey School of Business, majoring in accounting. I like Carey business school; it provides professional career consulting services and also lays a solid foundation for my academic work and the professors are very earnest. ASU is just like America; it's a melting pot and every student can come here to study and also for learning about American culture. I have Indian friends, Arabic friends, Chinese friends, American friends and African friends.  [00:01:37]

[00:01:39] Chen Huang: My biggest struggle? Maybe... Finding a girlfriend.  [00:01:39]

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