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Video: ASU eSports League games their way to the top of student organizations on campus

The ASU eSports League has become one of the largest organizations at ASU and continues to grow

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ASU eSports players play video games at the club event in Tempe, Arizona, on Friday, Sept. 21, 2018.

eSports is growing at a rapid rate at ASU. Executive Director of ASU eSports Lucas Selman and Director of Marketing Danielle George discuss the current eSports scene on campus. Jacob Matson, Director of Finance, and Selman speak about the competitive and money making aspects of college eSports. George, Matson and Selman then weigh-in on what they would like to see as the future of eSports at ASU.

Lucas Selman: [00:00:00] It's gone from five or six games that were mildly competitive to 22 different rosters and about six teams that are looking at top 10 in the nation for their respective games. 

Austin Villegas: [00:00:11] The ASU eSports leagues has received a huge amount of traction in the past year. Garnering over 900 active members, they have become the largest student organization on ASU campus. Lucas Selman executive director of the ASU eSports league and Danielle George director of marketing, discussed why they believe this popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years. 

Lucas Selman: [00:00:32] It's been a big part of the dedication of a couple individuals that have shown that you know something that they love and that a lot of other people can be world class, very high production value, very interesting to be a part of and it's an enjoyable pastime. It's something that is an incredibly exciting. A lot of fun camaraderie and it does have that competitive aspect that a lot of people enjoy. 

Danielle George: [00:00:53] The reason it's getting so much traction is it's becoming more accessible for people to watch. With Overwatch league they've actually started broadcasting on ESPN and Disney XD which really outreaches to a wide range of audiences from sports people to young children. And another reason is its content to watch, its fun getting behind a team and really going for them, rooting for them it's always something fun seeing in national sports.

Austin Villegas: [00:01:15] Jacob Matsen head of finance and Selman spoke of the competitive moneymaking aspects of college eSports. 

Jacob Matsen: [00:01:22] We have four teams that are vying for national championships this year. We have an overwatch team that placed top four, five in the country. Last year. We had, we won the PACG which is like the PAC-12 of eSports per-say in multiple games so I think competitively were huge and I think we have a lot of really good teams that compete every day at a high level. 

Lucas Selman: [00:01:44] It's a belief that either you can make a lot of money in eSports or that you can't make any money at all. I think that the truth is somewhere in the middle there. I think in the future, especially in these next five years, there's going to be tons and tons of jobs inside eSports, which don't just start with being a player. It's going to be there's tons of production value there's things like personal training. You just understand the game at a very high level and being a coach or an assistant. 

Austin Villegas: [00:02:09] George, Mastson and Selman all gave their thoughts on the future of eSports is at ASU. 

Danielle George: [00:02:25] I would love to one day to see ASU eSports as a recognized sport that could host tournaments just like football team would or a basketball team would, and bring that love away from Twitch and into something more in person.

Jacob Matsen: [00:02:26] I think the future only gets bigger. I think with that with our teams playing at the level they're playing at, with the recognition numbers starting to receive from ASU and even the casual population we're starting to receive, players going from 40 30 40 people to 100 people showing up on a given week. I think it only gets bigger. 

Lucas Selman: [00:02:48] There's a lot of people ASU that don't know that it's a thing yet. It's partially because they just It's not part of their life or they haven't seen it yet. But I can guarantee you down that the road they will be a big thing at ASU. We are a very innovative campus and there are a lot of people high up that do see the potential. So, whether it takes a couple years or it happens in this next coming year, eSports will become a recognized sport at ASU.

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