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Video: A look into ASU's permanent art collections of Warhol and Frey

Andy Warhol's and Viola Frey's work is being displayed at the ASU Art Museum


A Viola Frey sculpture on display pictured at the ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona, on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018. 

Added after publication: The show is called Pop/Funk: Warhol & Frey. Andy Warhol elevated popular culture to high art status; similarly, Viola Frey helped elevate ceramics from being considered "craft" to fine art.

The ASU Art Museum has Andy Warhol and Viola Frey exhibitions on display to honor two great counter-culture artists of the twentieth century. Take a up-close look at some of their work with curatorial coordinator Brittany Corrales.

Brittany Corrales: [00:04] My name is Brittany Corrales and I am the curatorial coordinator at ASU Art Museum. So the exhibition is highlighting two artists who revolutionized art in the twentieth century, Viola Frey and Andy Warhol.  And what we really wanted to do was highlight the work that we already have in our permanent collection, so the majority of the world on display is actually in the ASU Art Museum's permanent collection.  What we have as far as Andy Warhol work, we have photographs and prints, so they are all works on paper whereas the Viola Frey work are all in ceramic.  Warhol and Frey have a lot in common. They both were major figures in their particular movements, Warhol in pop art and Frey in funk art.  Both have a lot in common, both of the movements grew out of the 1960's on opposite coasts, Warhol on the east coast and Frey on the west coast.  Both were really counter-cultural art movements that went against the norm, they were really reinventing the art form, both of them.  They were really sort of rebels of the art world. They were both keen observers of people and you can really see that in their work, in particular in Andy Warhol in all of his black and white photos, you can see the crazy night life that he involved himself with and this crazy cast of characters of celebrities that he surrounded himself with.  These are two artists who were really breaking the mold and I think thats what ASU is all about and I think that students from all disciplines and relate that and learn from that.

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