Video: Students find more than just a comedy troupe at Tempe Late Night

Three ASU comedians reflect on how comedy has helped them find their places at the University

Tempe Late Night, one of ASU's comedy organizations, gives students an opportunity to perform improv, stand up and sketches. Three seniors, Lily Ludwig, Jaesa Rogers, and Chandler Fritz, reflect on their experiences in the group and how it has improved their time here at the University.


Lily Ludwig: Hi, my name is Lily Ludwig, and I'm a senior in Tempe Late Night. I was feeling super lonely, and I really like comedy, and so I looked one day to see if ASU had any comedy troupes, and they did. So I went to auditions, and TLN was the troupe I got on. My favorite to do right now might be standup. I started doing that about a year ago, and that's really fun because at least for me I like to be in control and I have a hard time with sketches sometimes. But with standup I write the entire thing and do the whole thing myself. So then if I mess up it's on me, but if I do really well I can take all the credit. 

Jaesa Rogers: Hi, I'm Jaesa Rogers. I am a senior at ASU, and I've been in Tempe late night for three years. I'm studying accounting. So I started to do improv when I was in high school, and I just really loved it. We have so much fun on stage, and on Mondays when we perform it's a blast. It's a really good time. 

Chandler Fritz: My name is Chandler Fritz. I am one of the writers and performers on Tempe Late Night. I did improv in high school. I did that for a little bit, and then when I got to college I didn't do any comedy for a semester, and I could just tell something was totally missing from my life. Making people laugh is just the greatest stress reliever. It takes my mind off of school and work and lets me be goofy for a little bit. 

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