Video: Meet Eddie Eberle, frontman of Battle of the Bands winning band

Battle of the Bands was just one step in a journey toward stardom for Eddie Eberle and the Getaways

Eddie Eberle bought his first guitar for 50 dollars from a store in Detroit called Junkyard Guitars when he was still in elementary school. In 2015, his band, formerly known as Analog Outlaws, won Alice Cooper's Proof is in the Pudding music competition, becoming the youngest band to ever win. Last week, Eddie Eberle and the Getaways won ASU's Battle of the Bands competition, and his band is now lined up to open for Galantis at Devilpalooza.

They signed with John Karkazis, known in the music industry as Johnny K, who has produced for Disturbed, Pop Evil, Plain White T's, and 3 Doors Down, among others.

You can keep up with the Eberle and the band on their social media. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.


Eddie Eberle: My name's Eddie Eberle. I'm a singer and guitarist and songwriter [of Eddie Eberle and the Getaways]. I'm a freshman here at Arizona State and I'm studying business entrepreneurship. We originally started when Champ, our drummer, and I met each other at a show in Phoenix at the School of Rock. I was 13, he was 12. We both had like a mutual appreciation for what we were trying to do and decided to start a band then, and since then we played over 150 shows around the Southwest and started recording our first debut album with Johnny K out of Chicago. He's a Grammy nominated producer. 

We met Johnny K about a year ago. In November we were opening up for a band called the Pistol Arrows, they were a really big band in the 90's. Johnny was in town recording The Black Moods and The Black Moods would say "Hey, if you get a chance, check these guys out." So he came out to a show, just worked out they were done recording for the night. He came out, he was really impressed from our show and said he wanted to work with us which is really cool. We did six recordings with Johnny K and we're planning on releasing the first one in April. 

I think that as long as I keep pushing myself and learning and songwriting especially, I think that that's an attainable goal for me to make it my career. I think the biggest reason why I love music and performing live especially is because getting that connection between the audience and us, and that mutual interaction is what is so special about music I think. The biggest validation is when people sing your songs back. We've been able to play out enough and put stuff online where people start learning our lyrics and that's probably the most powerful feeling you could ever have. 

Editor's note: The bass player, Milo Charbel, is currently an editor working for the State Press.

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