Video: The cost of fashion in college

From tuition to low wages, fashion lover Olivia Munson finds a way to buy her favorite clothes

From paying for college tuition to not having consistent job hours, college students at ASU find themselves living in a tight budget. For journalism freshman, Chic Daily writer and fashion lover Olivia Munson, buying clothes is difficult but not impossible. 

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Olivia Munson: My name's Olivia Munson. I'm a freshman. I study journalism -- my major is journalism. I currently write for the Chic Daily. I definitely am a bargain shopper. That's something that I've always grown up with. Like my mom and my grandma are the type of people who coupon. A lot of the stuff I get is on sale. I'm not really a full price girl. I feel like you can kind of express yourself through fashion, and especially since I'm a very outgoing person, I like to do that. 

I go with whatever catches my eye. But not in a bad way, because this catches my eye but not in a good way. 

Also, what I do to kind of save money is I sometimes wear men's clothes. Because often -- most of the time -- men's clothes will be cheaper than women's clothes. I feel like with clothes, you don't technically have to be a boy or a girl to wear certain things. If you like something, you should wear it. 

So, with blacks and whites, I have a lot of basic colors, but I try to deviate from that. So like with the sleeves and the neckline of this [shirt], it's really different. And I also like the texture of the lines on it. 

[Referring to the skirt] I like this rust color and again the pattern is a snake animal print. I feel like that's really cool. And BDG is also a really generally expensive brand. 

So, this is a prime example of trying on your clothes, because the skirt fits the way I thought it would, but this shirt is not what I thought it would be. It's going to be a nope for the shirt. 

You just got to go in hoping to find something, and if you don't find it, it'll just come the next time. 

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