Video: ASU musician rx Soul produces his first EP

An ASU student Matt Kahler with the stage name rx Soul, talks about his most recent EP

Matt Kahler, also known by his stage name rx Soul, is a musician and songwriter studying here at ASU. He describes his music as neo-soul and neo-R&B, and recently partnered with a subscription box service called Turntable Kitchen to produce a vinyl EP.

Music: All The Way There by Matt Kahler 


rx Soul (Matt Kahler): I’ve been recording myself for about thirteen years. It started with just with me playing guitar and I would record it to GarageBand and make terrible sounding 10-year-old songs. I became more and more fascinated with the production side of it. My love for songwriting has been there all along.

I typically start with production, just a drum beat or some instruments and backing tracks, and then I write lyrics to it as I build the song. I play guitar and piano and bass. I have a studio in my house that I’m lucky enough to be able to do everything out of myself. 

In production, I can turn the keys into horns or synths.

Right now, the band I’m currently working with it just a drummer and a bassist. I’m singing and then we have the production as a track. In the future, I would love to either switch over to playing guitar with a full band where I’m on guitar or keyboard.

Anyone can make music and put it out, so I believe that, that just sets the bar that much higher for the really talented people who want to make it and succeed. It pushes you to be that much more creative and stand out that much more. 

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