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VIDEO: ASU Derby Devils is one of the few college derby teams in the country

Sun Devils learn how to fall and get back up both physically and mentally in Derby Devils


Derby Devils members scrimmage at the SDFC on Saturday, March 16th, 2019. 

Did you know that ASU is one of the few schools in the country to have a collegiate roller derby team? ASU Derby Devils Safety Office Alayna Dalgleish and Co-President Emily Heathcotte explain what Derby Devils is, what each team is comprised of and what the rules are of roller derby. 

Emily Heathcotte [0:00]: Derby Devils is a co-ed roller derby team. We accept everyone of all levels regardless of any skating experience. We teach people how to play derby and how to skate.

Alayna Dalglish [0:08]: There are two positions: jammer and blockers. The jammers are the point-scorers, they're the ones who wear the star on their helmet. And the whole goal of the game is to get your jammer through the other teams blockers and each set of hips they pass is a point. So, you're trying to prevent the other teams jammer from getting through while trying to get your jammer through as well. So it's pretty chaotic and there's a lot going on, but usually it goes by pretty fast because of the adrenalin.

Katie Knipp [0:36]: It’s something really fun to do, and what I like about it is that it's really different. There are a lot of clubs that are very common across colleges, and what I like is a way to stand out and that everyone here is so nice, I can't even describe how amazing these people are. I think that the community is great, and it's just a unique thing to do. It’s really cool.

Alayna Dalglish [1:04]: I think the uniqueness is a really big draw and the fact that it's a very tight knit community. Typically people are like, “Oh roller derby it’s just bunch of people beating each other up on fishnets.” So I feel like that's a pretty big draw, but there's so much more than that, and I think people realize that once they come and watch a bout.

Emily Heathcotte [1:22]: Physically, it teaches a lot of strength and balance but it teaches more mentally. It teaches perseverance because it’s hard, especially if you don't know how to skate. It's hard to learn, and the idea of falling and getting back up both physically and mentally is a very important lesson to learn.

Emily Heathcotte [1:45]: We have very few games because collegiate derby is growing, there's actually only about five teams in the country that are collegiate teams. ASU is arguably the first, we have a hot debate with NAU, but there's not enough teams to hold regular games.

Alayna Dalglish [2:00]: I would say definitely give it a shot. You never know unless you try. I didn't think I would be really good at it. We are always looking for new people. It's a really fun way to get involved and relieve stress from the week.

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