Polytech transcription

Question 1: “How would you define the culture on the Polytechnic campus?”

Rachel Hayden: I like to think it’s very quiet here which I like because it’s really peaceful and I love all the nature that’s everywhere, I love walking around campus. Everyone here is just really nice and I like how everyone is very inclusive, it’s hard to get lost and you do get noticed here so if you want to get noticed and be able to know your peers individually, know your professors individually, it’s nice to get that individual attention and be able to learn and grow together.

Anthony Milazzo:Poly culture is nice, there’s always something going on. I will say, it’s not always super populated at the events but Poly’s getting better about that. I’m a senior I’ve been here since freshman year, 2015, and there were way less people here. Poly’s doing better now, there’s a lot of people; the culture’s nice I would say. People say it’s more chill than Tempe and I agree with that. 

Alex Rosdail: It’s really nice that it’s smaller so you tend to know a lot of people in your classes and you run into them a lot more so I feel like you get more close friends than you would at a bigger campus. I wish there were a few more events going on maybe during the week and when there are events maybe have it communicated to students a bit better. Overall, I think it’s fun and it’s really nice when they do event here.

Ivan Ramirez: The Poly culture, what I like the most is it’s an outdoor campus. You get to hang out outside, like for instance I’m out here doing homework, it’s a very nice day. I like that its very close and calm versus other campuses where it’s a little more hectic, I like the environment here.

Sebastian Ginsberg: The people I find here, they’re generally happy people, they’re excited to be here. You get people who are really enthusiastic about their major which I think is really cool. It’s a really happy-go-lucky place which I really like, I personally really enjoy that.

Question 2: “What do you think should change about the Polytechnic culture?”

Rachel Hayden: I think it’s pretty good as is. The only thing I could think of is maybe a little more club diversity because I feel like it’s a lot of mostly engineering and mostly science which is great, but at the same time I would like to see a little more diversity in clubs.

Anthony Milazzo: Poly culture should be a little more in your face I’d say. When you go to Tempe there’s people singing on stage and obviously there’s more people, but Poly culture there’s usually stuff hidden away, you have to look for the events. I’d say that’s what needs to change, there needs to be more people reaching out.

Alex Rosdail: I think it would be nice if the culture picked up more. Definitely you can tell if you’re here on the weekend everyone just heads to Tempe and it’s kind of a ghost town. I think if they had more on weekends and stuff to do then you would get more students excited to come to this campus versus just Tempe.

Ivan Ramirez: Like I said, I like that it’s very calm, very small and slow-not slow, but it’s a welcoming campus. I would like to see more connection between the students whether there’s outside events or announcements. I know we have the paper and emails, but I’ve noticed there’s more interaction between students and events on other campuses versus here. Here more it’s you have to run into them versus they go out and tell you about these things. That’s what I would like to see more.

Sebastian Ginsberg: I personally really like what we have going on here, but what I think would be really cool in addition to what we already have is to see more things that draw people closer on campus, get people not involved in groups and stuff, but more involved through fairs, just fun stuff out on the fields, get stuff in, get people in, and get people more involved. I don’t really see too much of that. I like to meet new people, that’s just the kind of person I am and seeing more opportunities for that would be really nice.

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