Meet the editors: Andres Guerra Luz, managing editor

Get to know our editorial board through these Q&As

A large portion of our State Press editorial board has been a part of this publication for the better part of the year. As we're winding down to the end of the semester, we have a number of big stories set to publish and, in this field, we find it important to be transparent with our audience.

We think our readership has a right to know who has been telling ASU's stories, so we're continuing our Q&A series with our editorial board with one of our managing editors, Andres Guerra Luz.

Where and how did you grow up?

I grew up in Chicago in an Irish Catholic community on the north side, so that was actually kind of a big part of my growing up, just being around a lot of Catholic people. I would say also having a twin sister was a pretty big influence because growing up we would get into a lot of trouble together, finish each other's sentences and we always had each other as support so that was nice. And then I had an older brother who made the dynamic pretty funny because he would tease us.

When did you come out to Arizona?

I actually lived in Chicago up until my junior year of high school and then I moved out to Arizona my senior year. So that was fun because it was a whole new environment. 

What made you choose journalism?

I kind of started doing it in high school because one of my teachers said they really liked my writing. And then the Chicago Tribune had a teen paper at the time called The Mash and he suggested that I started writing for it, so I did that for a little bit. I wasn’t really sure that I was going to go into journalism until ASU when I was like, "Oh, they have a good journalism school." I think my first newsroom experience was Cronkite News. And then after that I was like, "This is something that I want to keep doing." Then The State Press was just a natural evolution of that. 

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would do "Bound 2" and "Nobody" playing at the same time because I discovered "Bound 2" again this year and then I just heard "Nobody" a couple of weeks ago. They both make me feel the full range of human emotion at the same time. 

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